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Lexus, Acura, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, Farari, Infiniti.... in Edmonton, Alberta

Lexus, Acura, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, Farari, Infiniti....
Lexus, Acura, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, Farari, Infiniti....
Lexus, Acura, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, Farari, Infiniti....
Lexus, Acura, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, Farari, Infiniti....
Price: $300
Date/Time:01 May, 08:37 p.m. EST
Type: Acura

Province: Alberta  City: Edmonton  Car brand: Acura
Acura in Alberta
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I recently purchased a couple luxurious SUV from US and saved thousands of dollars. Skip below content if you only intend to bring in a small Honda or Kia because it is not worthy.
I also have known a custom broker to deal with all documents, so passing through US/Canada border and registering with RIV to get your vehicle certificate are very smooth and easy.
Just shop around cars in US or check out inventories at the below dealership where I bought my vehicles from. They also have a 100% feedback eBay store. Talk to Leon Veremeychik who is the owner of the store and he will find whatever car you are looking for. Even if they don't have one in stock for you, they can locate nice clean pre-owned or brand new cars for you. It is a part of their business services. They have a vast network of buyers and sources out there to pull the inventory from and most of the time those vehicles are not available to anyone by a licensed dealer. When you buy your car from them, I will get $300 referral (Kevin from Edmonton). Ha, this is the deal of this ads.
Steps to get your vehicle are:
0. Check RIV website to ensure that the car you plan to import is admissible,
1. Find the car you are looking online for (dealership, eBay, etc.) and negotiate a deal,
2. Check CarFax report and validate there is no accident, lien, etc. on the car,
3. With bill of sale (after you paid a deposit like $500) and VIN of the car you can get your car insurance in Canada,
4. Ask the dealer to fax all necessary documents to the border crossing that you plan to go (72 hrs are required prior to your border crossing). You may need to wire 90% of payment to the dealer as they will add your name onto the title of the car,
5. Fly one-way down to the dealership for final payment (10% through your credit card) and last physical check on the car and items (keys, etc.),
6. Drive the car back to Canada with temporary license plate which is also called trip permit in US. The dealership will prepare it for you,
7. Pay GST and AC fee and Duty (6.5% if car is not manufactured in N. America),
8. Modify DRL and necessary items to pass Federal and Provincial
9. Register your car in local registry to get your plate,
10. About one week later you will receive a RIV certificate for your car. Done!
If you don't want to have lots of hassles or you don't have time to travel, I certainly can assist on the process but you will have to pay me. As I am a registered engineer and live in Edmonton, you can trust me on what I describe and intend to do here.
Summary of costs (CAD) is listed below for your info.
xxxx Lexus RX350 - $39,000 (to dealership)
GST and AC fee- $2,000 (to Canadian custom)
RIV fee- $205 (to RIV)
DRL modification- $250 (to local dealership)
Federal inspection- $0 (to Canadian Tire)
Provincial inspection- $150 (to Canadian Tire)
Trip cost- your air ticket, fuel on the road and accommodation
My cost to you if you buy your car through Rocky Mountain Eurosport only as I know the dealership and need my assistance on bring the car from US is $2,500 which includes broker fee and up to 2 days on trip (air and road) but excludes the trip cost listed above.
There are tons of info. available on the internet, so pls do your homework and try not to bother me for dummy questions. Thanks!

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